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Product Information
Your skin is a protective cover and your first line of defense against the constant barrage of environmental toxins and contaminants that lead to aging. BAD Cream has been uniquely formulated to lock moisture in and keep contaminants out.

Its revolutionary blend of rich emollient ingredients penetrates the skin quickly – and stays in – keeping skin moist and supple throughout the day, and sealing in moisture for up to 24 hours!  Just use it once for lasting effect.  BAD Cream is non-greasy and has a light, clean fragrance that appeals to both women and men, alike.

All people...
Its light, clean scent makes BAD Cream appealing to both women and men.

All ages...
Whether your skin is young, or not so young, BAD Cream is safe and effective for all ages.

All needs...

Toss out all those other moisturizers – BAD Cream works all over the body.  From face to hands to feet – and everywhere in between.

All reasons...
From daily moisturizing to special needs, BAD Cream has been shown to soften fine lines and wrinkles, decrease the appearance of age spots, promote scar healing, prevent stretch marks from pregnancy or weight loss – and more.

All day...
Its revolutionary formulation actually penetrates the skin for around-the-clock moisture that lasts a full 24 hours!

So, leave all those inferior products behind. Now, you can banish dryness once and for all – with BAD Cream. It may be the one and only cream you’ll ever need!

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8 oz. pump bottle for $34.95
8 oz. jar
for $32.95
4 oz. jar
for $22.95
3/4 oz. jar
for $7.50
Each jar comes in its own gift bag.

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