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BAD Cream is GOOD!
Read what some of our satisfied clients have to say about this revolutionary product.

Great for daily use...
“Now that I’ve decided it’s time to really start taking care of my skin, I don’t miss a day without putting on BAD Cream. It’s light but rich... just like whipped cream.”

Sally Duncan

Prevents breakouts in acne-prone skin...
“I’ve had oily and acne-prone skin most of my life, until I discovered BAD Cream. I’ve had problems with moisturizers clogging my pores and causing breakouts. But I haven’t had a single breakout since I started using BAD Cream on my face every day.”

Cathy Nelson

Knocks out stubborn dry spots, and more...

“I had a persistent dry area on my face that I couldn’t get to go away using other products. After using BAD Cream, the area started improving within THREE DAYS and was TOTALLY GONE after seven days. It’s the only cream I’ve found that moisturizes without clogging your pores, and it’s also great to take the sting out of a sunburn.
                                                                                                      Eloise Robinson

Soothes eczema and other skin problems...
“I have atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema), and my skin is very dry and easily irritated. I’ve had a problem finding a cream to use on my hands and feet that would keep my skin moist without being greasy. BAD Cream has made a world of difference in my skin.”
                                                                                                      Jacqueline Thompson


One application works all day...
“Staying out in the sun as much as I do dries out the skin on my legs, making them flake and sometimes even crack. BAD Cream is the ONLY moisturizer I’ve found that not only stopped my dry skin problems, but ONE application WORKS ALL DAY.”

Don Brown


Perfect for tanning...
“It’s perfect for after tanning, when my skin is extra dry. BAD Cream keeps my skin feeling soft but not greasy."

Laura Butler

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Click here to ORDER NOW!
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